Emergency Preparedness

Disasters can strike without warning, and emergency responders are unlikely to be able to provide immediate assistance for thousands of people affected at the same time. Even an incident that doesn’t disrupt your community can still be a disaster for you.

Prepare in a Year

Prepare in a Year is an innovative and simple approach to disaster preparedness. Simply choose one hour each month and complete the designated activity. You can start any time of the year, but why not start this month and make disaster preparedness a part of your New Year’s commitment.

It’s simple:

  • Choose one hour each month
  • Write it on the calendar
  • Complete the designated activity

Activity 1: Develop an Action Plan

Would you know what to do if an earthquake occurred? A quick response to an earthquake event, volcanic eruption, chemical release or other hazard is critical to your safety and that of your loved ones. The focus for the first month of Prepare in a Year is to develop an Action Plan.

Learn about potential hazards and the specific actions you can take to be safe.

Remember – one hour of disaster preparedness activity each month helps you be ready for disasters – whenever they occur.

You can find more information and activities at: Emergency Management

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