Prevention & Safety

Many of the incidents that firefighters and EMS providers respond to can be prevented with some basic tools and knowledge. Some of the preventative measures that you can take in your everyday life to prevent major accidents include:

Wearing a life preserver when you are enjoying water activities:


Wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet when riding:


Always supervise pool time and follow these other safety tips:


Find a certified car seat installation clinic to ensure that you are properly installing your child’s car seat.

Make sure you keep chemicals away from children, and have the number for the Poison Control Center near you available.

You can purchase Mr. Yuk stickers here:

Our website touches on many ways to prevent accidents and handle accidents and incidents including CPR/First Aid Classes, Fire Setter intervention, and a variety of other public education opportunities. Please take some time to explore all of the resources we have on our site.

There are many other ways to prevent accidents, and there are many websites designed to give you information on accident prevention including:

Safety at Home :


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