Life Sign Order Form

Can we find you when you dial 911?

These signs are intended to help emergency vehicles find your home quickly and are for sale now by the Littlerock Fire Association. This two-sided vertical or horizontal sign is weatherproof and can be mounted on a post, a fence or on your mailbox. A high visibility LIFESIGN really could save your life, or the life of your loved ones.

TCOMM 9-1-1 Premise Form

Can we reach you when you dial 911?

This form ensures that our dispatch center has all relevant contact and premise information on file, so when you dial 911 we will be able to respond to you faster (ie: do you have a gate code? What happens if you’re unable to open the gate for us?).

West Thurston First Aid/CPR/AED Class Application

Do you know what to do when someone collapses in front of you?

These classes are specially designed to give you the confidence to take action in non-emergency and emergency situations and the skills that can save a life. Effective bystander CPR, provided immediately after cardiac arrest, can double a victim’s chance of survival! For more information about our First Aid/CPR/AED classes you may click HERE.



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