Residential Outdoor Burn Permit INSTRUCTIONS:Please fill out the following form fields, then thoroughly read the rules and requirements below. You must check the box next to every rule. Finally, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

This permit is valid only in unincorporated Thurston County, outside the Urban Growth Area (UGA) boundaries of Bucoda, Grand Mound, Lacey, Olympia, Rainier, Tenino, Tumwater and Yelm. It can only be used for residential burning of leaves, clippings, and other yard and garden refuse originating on site. This permit is NOT valid for land clearing burning, nor burning of logging debris. This form shall be completed by the landowner or landowner’s agent (applicant). The applicant shall sign the form. The applicant shall comply with the regulations below and on the back of the permit. PERMITS ARE VALID OCTOBER 16 THROUGH JULY 14. Burning is not permitted July 15 through October 15, nor is burning permitted during burn curtailment period (Burn Bans). Permits expire July 14 and a new permit will be required for the next burn season.



Penalties may be assessed for violations of these permit rules as well as for violations of local, state and federal regulations. In addition, the Fire District may recover costs incurred during response, control or suppressing of an unlawful or out-of-control fire. The property owner or person doing the burning assumes responsibility for any damage, by emission or flame, to any structure, utility line or pole, tree or shrub, fence, road or right-of-way, or other public or private edifice. The applicant accepts responsibility for any claimed adverse effects on the health or wellbeing of any person or persons in the path of the fire’s emissions. Burning garbage or any prohibited materials may result in substantial fines from ORCAA (maximum allowable fine: $14,915).